Two tone wedding band made with platinum and gold and horizontally set emerald cut diamond
Two tone engagement ring in platinum and gold leaning on a yellow gold men's wedding band.
Two tone emerald cut diamond yellow gold and platinum engagement ring standing proudly upright against a white background. Lighting is coming from the right side to create a dramatic shadow being cast to the ring's left side.

Two-tone Gold and Platinum Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

This bespoke emerald cut diamond engagement ring was handmade by Amanda using the client’s own gold, platinum and diamond.

The design is confident and striking. The platinum is reclaimed from the bride’s wedding and engagement ring. The gold was reclaimed and recycled from her family’s wedding rings.

“What’s in a piece of jewelry? It’s what you put into it. I will forever be honored and grateful for Amanda’s mastery of wielding Earth’s metals into symbols of strength and beauty and meaning for me and Alex.” Natalie, USA.

For more detailed information about the story behind these rings, please visit these Instagram posts to see the original heirloom rings from which the new rings were made and process shots of Amanda making the new rings.

Commission your own bespoke solitaire diamond engagement ring. Choose from a palette of colours in 9k, 14k, 18k and 22k Gold, all of which are all hand-alloyed by Amanda in her Hatton Garden workshop in London. Recycled Palladium and Platinum are also available. Select your responsibly sourced stones and decide on the hand-applied final finish.

Get in touch if you’d be interested in this engagement ring, view other ethical engagement ring designs by Amanda or find out more about the commissioning process.

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